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Refurbished Gym Closer

The opening of the renovated gymnasium at the club is getting closer.

The stripping and painting of the room was just the first step.  A more detailed inspection of the facility by a team of builders revealed that a number of cosmetic alterations and changes to basic amenity supplies had to be made in order for the ceiling and other areas of the room to be upgraded.  Several of these were completed over the weekend with more to be done during the next seven days.  This will bring completion of the modifications closer to finalisation.

New weight racks have already been purchased and the sub committee in charge of gymnasium improvements also inspected several pieces of exercise equipment late last week with a view of purchase and installing them in the room under a balanced programme of re-equipment.  This and the new facade will eventually showcase the room as a modern and user friendly resource within the clubroom.

Officials also extended the plant and storage room at the rear of the club over the weekend to take in the a portion of the umpires' room which will now be sectioned off and improved under stage 2 of the facility upgrade.


Player Progression Plan in 2010

 In 2010 the club will be introducing a player development program to assist coaches in teaching the players the skills they need when they reach senior football at the club.  

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TPP Looking For Coaches

 The AFL (NSW/ACT) Talented Player Program (TPP) is seeking dynamic, highly motivated and appropriately skilled Coaches to fill vacancies for 2010.


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